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3 min read

Cornus Glen Iris March Update

We're thrilled to bring you the latest update on the Cornus Glen Iris project as we continue to make strides in construction. Over the past four weeks, our team has achieved significant milestones, solidifying the foundation of this landmark... Read More

3 min read

Oakleigh Townhouses by Cornus: March Construction Update

As we step into April, the construction progress at the Oakleigh Townhouses by Cornus, has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the past month, our dedicated team has been hard at work, bringing significant advancements to this promising... Read More

1 min read

Cornus Oakleigh March Update

Over the past month, the Cornus Oakleigh Project has seen significant progress, with several key milestones achieved. The installation of the apartment windows has been a major focus, with completion up to level 3, whilst the level 4 windows are... Read More

3 min read

The Oakleigh Townhouses by Cornus February Update

We are delighted to share the most recent progress update on the Oakleigh Townhouse project, underscoring our dedication to creating exceptional living environments. In recent weeks, we have reached significant milestones, propelling us towards the... Read More

3 min read

Cornus Oakleigh February Update

We are delighted to share the latest progress update on the Cornus Oakleigh project. Over the past month, our dedicated team has achieved significant milestones, bringing us closer to completing this remarkable development. Read More

3 min read

Top 10 Design Trends 2024

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design is undergoing exciting changes. At Cornus Developments, we believe in providing you with a canvas for your unique style. Our neutral colour palette in our apartments serves as the perfect backdrop... Read More
Carnegie building exterior frontage

3 min read

Build Confidence in Your Off-the-Plan Property Journey with Cornus

When embarking on the journey of purchasing an off-the-plan property, a common concern is ensuring the credibility and reliability of the developer. This is where at Cornus Developments, we aim to shine, offering you not only stunning residences but... Read More
Flock of people walking on the Street in Melbourne

3 min read

Cornus Developments response to Melbourne's Soaring Population Growth

In the midst of Australia's thriving real estate market, Melbourne stands out as a dynamic city experiencing unprecedented population growth. As demand for housing soars, Cornus has redefined apartment living. Offering contemporary apartments in ... Read More
2-bed Floor plan

2 min read

How To: Understand Floor Plans

When it comes to off-the-plan properties, floor plans matter. In established markets, the floor plan is pretty much fixed unless you decide to renovate. However, in the off-the-plan market, there are several factors to consider when analysing floor... Read More

2 min read

Construction Has Commenced at Cornus Glen Iris

We are delighted to share an exciting update on the progress of our latest project, Cornus Glen Iris. Currently, the construction team is engaged in a demo site scrape, which involves clearing the site to prepare for the upcoming construction phase.... Read More