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Cornus Oakleigh October Update

Cornus Oakleigh October Update

As spring breathes life and colour into the trees and blossoms, the Cornus Oakleigh site continues to be a hive of activity. With October comes another exciting construction update that showcases the progress and the promising future of this development. The dedicated teams on site have been working diligently to bring this project to life and the results are nothing short of impressive.


Basement Foundations and Precast Panels

The month of October at Cornus Oakleigh commenced with substantial progress in the form of formwork for the townhouse basements, apartment basement slab pour, and precast panel installations on basement levels. The meticulous planning and execution are clearly visible in the completed work:


Lower Basement: The slab for the lower basement is now fully poured, setting the stage for what will become a critical part of the development.


Lower & Upper Basement: Precast panels and columns for both basements have been skilfully installed, creating a sturdy foundation for the levels above.


Basement Slab(Townhouse Basement): The townhouse basement received its concrete slab pour, marking another milestone in the construction process.


Lower & upper Basement Ramp: The ramp connecting Basement 1 to Basement 2 is now in place, ensuring smooth access between the levels.


Upper Basement Suspended Slab: Half of the upper basement suspended slab is poured, with the remainder expected to be completed in the upcoming weeks.



What's on the Horizon


The future holds exciting developments as Cornus Oakleigh continues to rise from the ground. In the next month, the following milestones are on the horizon:


Upper Basement Suspended Slab Completion: The remaining 50% of the upper suspended slab will be poured, further solidifying the structure.


Ground Suspended Slab: As the project advances, attention will be turned to the ground suspended slab, a crucial element of the development.


Ground Columns and Panels: The ground level will see the installation of columns and panels, which are essential for the structural integrity of the entire project.


Townhouse Steel Frame: There is the exciting possibility of the townhouse steel frame being initiated. 


The construction at Cornus Oakleigh is not just about building structures; it's about creating a community, a place where people will call home. Each step brings us closer to the completion of a place that will bring joy and fulfilment to future residents.


Stay tuned for more updates as we watch this development come to life. We eagerly await the next chapter in the construction journey at Cornus Oakleigh. We are over 70% but we still have some stellar homes waiting for their new owners. If you’re interested in a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, fill in the form below or call 1800 267 687. 

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